Akatakpo!!! The Legend of Tony Odili

Film Information
  • Year: 2017
  • Length: 30min
  • Country: Nigeria

Few men in the present time embody the true journey of modern Nigerian Music than the legendary percussionist Chief Tony Odili. In a career spanning 70 years, Odili’s virtuoso skills have seen his work featured in the recordings of some of Nigeria’s greatest Highlife Musicians, such as Bobby Benson (1949-1957), Victor Olaiya (1958-1961) and most famously Cardinal Rex Lawson (1963-1971). Prince David Bull and the Professional Seagulls (1971-1974), to name but a few.

This documentary features a deeply personal conversation with the 89-year old legend of African Music, in which he reminisces on his awe-inspiring journey through Nigerian Music History. It also features rare performance footage and a bouquet of the evergreen sounds that formed the soundtrack to his life-story.

akatakpo tony odili lights camera africa
Film Credits
Director: Emeka Keazor
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