E18hteam (Eighteam)

Film Information
  • Year: 2015
  • Length: 70min
  • Country: Spain/Zambia

This is the universal story of the underdog, forever underestimated, but never discouraged to achieve the very best when challenged. Akin to folklore of old, this is a recounting of the age-old message urging us to continue to fight in order to reach the heights of success.

This is an epic, sanctioned by divine decree, that ensured nothing would stand in the way of pure intentions, hard work, determination and ultimately, destiny. This is the emotional and now legendary football journey of an African nation, spanning decades. It is the path taken by a country bound together by a tragedy that shook the nation, which then spurred them on to honour their fallen heroes by playing the beautiful game at the highest level.

This is the recounting of Zambia’s rich football history, derailed by the tragic plane crash off the coast of Gabon in 1993, only to be triumphant in the same country at the momentous AFCON 2012 tournament. This is the opportunity to record, preserve and share this amazing story with the world. This is the documentary film telling the story of the unrelenting and victorious Chipolopolo: The Copper Bullets also known as the Zambian National Football Team.

LCA e18hteam
Film Credits
Director: Juan Rodriguez-Briso
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