Film Information
  • Year: 2014
  • Length: 47min
  • Country: Nigeria

Nollywood is the story behind Nigeria’s domestic movie industry, the second biggest producer of films in the world. Despite having only 14 cinemas in a country of 170 million people, Nigeria’s film industry, dubbed “Nollywood”, churns out as many as 50 films a week, sometimes for as little as $10,000 a piece. Many are released straight to DVD and sold cheaply on the streets.

When it comes to sheer volume, the $5bn film industry makes more films than the US and is only rivalled by India, the world’s biggest movie industry. So, how did Nigerian films become so popular? Nollywood tries to answer that question and more with those who know the industry best – Nigeria’s filmmakers, actors and actresses, directors, producers and film critics.

Weaving in the rich footage of the young industry’s most-watched and game-changing movies, this Al Jazeera World film explores an explosive and vibrant industry that produces movies that are popular not just in Nigeria but also across the continent, and its culture and its key players.

Film Credits
Director: Abba Makama
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