Omode Meta Nsere

Film Information
  • Year: 2016
  • Length: 9min
  • Country: Nigeria

A collaboration with artist PEJU ALATISE, “OMODE META NSERE” is a short film set in the 70’s about three 9 year old girls – SIMI, MINA and RISOLA.

“They played a game called ‘what will you be when you grow up?’. They played a game whilst their mothers busied themselves talking about everything and nothing.”

Set in the 1970’s, three 9 year old girl’s creative wings are clipped by their mothers who are to scared to let their childrens’ creativity free.

“Some day when we grow up, we will find wind and we will be free to fly.” They kept their wings. Their mothers, dissatisfied housewives, want their daughters to conform so they clip their daughters creative wings.

The short film is inspired by Peju’s novel “Flying Girls” which is also in development as a feature film.

Film Credits
Director: Remi Vaughan-Richards
Executive Producer: Remi Vaughan-Richards, Peju Alatise
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