Film Information
  • Year: 2006
  • Length: 105min
  • Language: English
  • Country: USA

The film follows Tunde from recording studios in London and Bamako, Mali to a concert in Paris. Music is everywhere in Mali, whether it be an international hotel, a Bamako taxi or a remote village on the edge of the Sahara, people are listening to the music of their culture with deep affection, enthusiasm and pride. This is what keeps the music authentic and draws musicians from around the world to jam in Mali.

With the music and performances as soundtrack, the film captures Malian life and culture from Bamako to Timbuktu through extraordinary cinematography; camel caravans in the desert, the market in Djenne (one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Africa) to fishermen casting nets in the Niger river. The film includes Kasse Mady Diabate working with Tunde in recording studios in London as well as a rare concert that Tunde performed in Paris (2005), playing pieces from his critically acclaimed recording ‚ÄúLamentation”.

Film Credits
Director: Ron Wyman
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